The ‘bangs’ hairstyle that makes men look like they’ve been dead for centuries

The ‘red hair’ hairstyles that are the talk of the town.

From a popular look with the hipster and those who love to flaunt their ‘newfound confidence’, to a modern take on the old-school ‘hair wrap’ hairstylist.

Here are 10 of our favourite red hair styles.1.

The ‘banging hair’ The banging hairstyle has become so popular among men that we’ve taken the liberty of transcribing a few of the best from the internet.

From the style’s origins to the ‘hairspray’ that comes with it, we’ve compiled this collection of the most popular banging hair styles you can get your hands on.

If you have a bit of time, check out the style from our friends at Fashion Trendy, who are currently hosting their ‘red-haired’ bangers contest, which runs until May 31st.2.

The headband styleThis is one of the styles that has gained the most traction online.

Its been popular since it was first created by a man in the late 1960s, and today it’s worn by celebrities like Katy Perry, Katy Bush, Justin Bieber and even Kim Kardashian.3.

The taupe-like curlThis is the most classic ‘banged’ hairstyles, and it has its roots in the traditional ‘bangle’.

The curly, taup-like fringe is worn by women as a classic style, and for men, it’s often used as a go-to hairstyle.

Its also often paired with the long, ponytail that is often associated with the ‘banger’ hairstornamt.4.

The hairpin styleAnother traditional hairstyle, this one’s very popular amongst the gay community.

It’s one of those hairstyles, though, that has taken on a new meaning since the election of President Donald Trump.

Since he was elected, there’s been a massive amount of interest in the style, especially in the US, where it’s seen as a ‘conservative’ look.

We’re not saying this to belittle the popularity of the style – it’s certainly a popular hairstyle in America.5.

The afro wigThis is a classic hairstyle and one that’s also becoming increasingly popular, especially among the LGBT community.

The hairpin hairstyle is often paired to a afro and it’s also worn by the likes of Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and Beyoncé herself.6.

The wavy hair styleThe waviness of the hairstyle’s curl is very much tied to its roots, as it originated as a curl for a curly wig.

But its popularity has been on the rise since the US presidential election and it looks set to keep that trend going for a while longer.

The wavy-haired style is very popular in the UK, and you can see it on some of the UK’s most popular TV shows.7.

The mullet hair styleA lot of the popularity stems from its popularity in the Middle East.

Mullets are often worn by young Arab men and it seems that this style is going to be a very popular look in the West, too.

The curly hair style has also made a huge comeback in the United States, with some women taking to Instagram to show off their ‘fairy-tale’ hairstynames.8.

The bobsled styleA bobsling is a traditional sled sport, and its popularity is on the increase.

The bobslide is an old-fashioned sled, with the hairpin curl being the main drawcard.

Its popularity has surged since Donald Trump was elected.9.

The bob haircutOne of the longest-standing trends amongst the male population, this style has been a staple for decades, and the style is often worn in the same manner as a mullet.

The bob haircut is the ‘back to basics’ look and it can be worn by anyone from the middle-aged to the young.10.

The short hair styleShort hair is a staple of the LGBT and LGBTQ communities, and a long-time favourite amongst the straight community.

Whether its a ‘hairwrap’ or a straight cut, the hair style can be used to complement any look.

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