‘The most hated brand in Australia’

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has labelled the hair accessories brand Gorilla Glu, owned by cosmetics giant Kerostrol, the most hated in Australia.

The bureau’s latest statistics show that the brand has grown to $3.4 billion in revenue last year, up from $2.4billion a year ago.

Key points:The brand was the second-biggest cosmetics brand in the country in 2013, with sales totalling $3 billionSource: ABC News | Source: ABCNews.comThe company, which has been criticised for selling too much hair and makeup, says it has been able to reduce sales by 20 per cent in recent years.

“We’re still a very small company, and we’ve been able, through our management, to really change the mindset of our customers,” said Kerostol’s head of marketing and brand development, Scott Loughridge.

“The brand has been the second largest cosmetics brand and has gone from having only around a million products sold in 2014, to around three million now.”

The Australian Bureau has long had an issue with hair products, particularly the large number of plastic or silicone hair products sold across its shelves.

“People’s attitudes towards plastic or other synthetic hair products have changed, and as a result of that, we’ve seen a significant decline in the amount of people who purchase these products,” Mr Loughridges said.

“As a result, our customers are not only finding alternatives to plastic or synthetic hair, they’re finding alternatives for their hair.”

That’s why we’re seeing a significant shift in the way people are buying our hair products.

“A Kerostolic spokesman said the company had always taken a “hard-line approach” to dealing with its customers’ concerns.”

It is a company that has long been known for being transparent, honest and consistent, and it is not surprising that people are concerned about our products,” he said.

The brand’s growth has also led to some controversial decisions in the past, such as banning the use of the Gorilla name and ending sales of products that contained animal by-products.

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