‘This is a big deal’: New York City women face new discrimination

NEW YORK — The arrival of a new hair style trend in the city is bringing a lot of attention to the issue of racial discrimination against black women.

Some people have taken it upon themselves to wear red hair in public, and in many ways, they’re succeeding.

The hair of black women has been a source of pride for generations, and the new trend has brought that same pride into the spotlight.

People wearing red hair often get called racist names, and are also seen as a threat to their health and well-being.

But that may be changing, says Alicia Scott, author of “Black Women: A History of Beauty and Beauty in America.”

“Black women are becoming more visible in the public eye, so there is a sense of ownership,” Scott told Al Jazeera.

“This is not just about black women, it’s about all of us.”

Scott, who grew up in New York, has spent the last 15 years researching and writing about black beauty and fashion.

She has seen an influx of interest from people from all over the world who want to know more about the history and culture of black beauty.

They want to learn about black fashion, hairstyles, and how the fashion industry works.

“They want a deeper understanding of how black women are treated in the fashion world,” Scott said.

In the past, Scott said, many people were hesitant to speak up because of the backlash they faced from their peers.

“But in the past year, I’ve seen a change in that perception,” she said.

“People are starting to come forward.”

In 2016, she was invited to a fashion show hosted by Kanye West.

She had a great time and had the opportunity to speak with the world’s leading fashion designers, fashion houses and celebrities.

However, that didn’t make the experience any easier for Scott.

“It was a lot to handle,” she recalled.

“It was definitely tough.”

She was surprised when she realized how many people had come out to her and her co-author, Sarah Haines, to share their stories about racism.

“There are so many people who feel that they were treated unfairly, that they don’t fit in,” she told Aljazeera.

“And it is a struggle to come out and tell your story, even if you have a positive outcome.”

Scott and Hainess have been working to raise awareness about the importance of coming out and speaking up about discrimination.

They created a website called ‘BlackWomenBlackBeauty.com’ which aims to increase visibility for black women and their beauty products.

BlackWomen BlackBeauty is now the largest women’s advocacy organization in the US.

It has launched a new app, ‘BlackWomensBeauty’, which offers users access to the latest research and content from the Black Women’s Hair Institute.

“We have to change the culture of this industry, and change the way we talk about it, to better understand what’s going on,” said Scott.

Scott said she was inspired to write her book because she wants to make a difference for black girls everywhere.

“My goal is to be the person who helps black girls understand that they are beautiful and that they deserve to be treated as such,” she added.

Watch the video below to hear from Scott about the experience of being a black woman in the beauty industry:

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