Which hair extensions are safe for kids?

The Canadian Academy of Dermatology (CADA) has released a list of recommended hair extensions for kids.

While they aren’t as extensive as the FDA’s, they’re a great start for parents and doctors who want to make sure their kids are getting the cut they need.

“If we had to choose one of the safest hair extensions, it would be the two-inch diameter, 100 per cent hair gel that comes in the packaging, which is used to form hair,” said CADA President John Burt.

He added that kids need to know that hair extensions will be safe if they’re properly sized.

But it’s also important for kids to be educated on the potential side effects of the hair extensions they’re using.

“The safety information on these products is generally very general,” said Dr. Robert J. Gaudet, president of the Canadian Association of Dermopathology and Head and Neck Surgery.

“There are a few things that may indicate to us that there’s a higher risk of side effects.

The most important one is that people shouldn’t use hair extensions with more than two inches of hair on them.

The FDA says that people who have been prescribed hair extensions should wait at least six months before they start using them. “

Another thing that may suggest a higher side effect is that you should keep a razor close at hand, as long as you are careful not to cut yourself on the back of the hand.”

The FDA says that people who have been prescribed hair extensions should wait at least six months before they start using them.

That includes patients who’ve had a previous allergic reaction to hair extensions.

“A significant number of children do not have a history of allergy to hair or other products,” said Gaudette.

He recommends using the FDA-approved product at the beginning of a treatment for a skin disorder.

The list of approved products can be found here.

While it’s not the safest option for everyone, if your kids have a skin condition that needs treatment, it may be worth it to use an approved hair extension.

The CADA has an app for that too.

Here are some more tips for parents: Make sure your kids are up-to-date on their skin condition.

The FDA recommends you do this when you’re starting out.

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