Man gets tattoo of ‘Tusk’ after taking off his shirt

Freely tattooed with the slogan “Tusk”, a man with Down syndrome took off his shirts in a bid to highlight the fact that he has lost all his hair.

According to a report in L’Equipe, the tattoo on the right shoulder of the 24-year-old man from France was created by a man named Robert who, in the words of L’Equipe, “loved the tattoo”.

The story goes that Robert wanted to make a statement that it is possible to be straight and not have Down syndrome.

The tattoo, which he made himself, is in a stylised cross between the word “Tuscan” and the image of the Tuscan Tusk, a famous Italian city statue.

Tusk was originally a product of the Renaissance, where Italian artists and craftsmen used the designs of their gods to create the famous figures from marble and stone.

But in the 20th century, it was used to make fashion accessories, including tassel hair extensions, and in the 1990s it was adopted by the NFL.

The man who created the tattoo, named Robert, told L’Équipe that he wanted to draw attention to the fact he has been unable to maintain his hair straight.

He said that he had tried to do so with a barber’s wax and “tried everything” to get it back, but that it would never come off.

“I want to show that it can be done, and I think it can,” he said.

“The tattoo is meant to remind people that, even though I lost all my hair, I am still a man.

I have not lost my masculinity, and my masculinity is a part of me.”

Tusk is currently in the process of getting the tattoo removed, which has now been made permanent.

L’Equiper reported that the tattoo was made by an anonymous man in Italy who gave the man a call before making the tattoo himself.

Robert told Légion d’Or that he chose the name “Titus” after a Roman warrior who fought alongside the Taurus.

The story is fascinating to say the least, and the man himself is now keen to talk about the tattoo.

“To show how I can get my hair straight and to help me to be able to wear a suit again, I was thinking about Tusk,” he told LÉgion D’Or.

“That was the main inspiration for the tattoo.”

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