When the sun was hot: Donald Trump’s hair ties reveal his ‘unpredictable’ style

WASHINGTON — A Donald Trump hair tie is an American icon.

When he wore it, the president-elect wore it because he was confident and knew what he wanted.

He wore it in the Oval Office, at rallies, on the campaign trail, and even at the White House.

“It was just the only thing I could think of that I would wear,” Trump told The Associated Press, sitting in his office in his New York home on a recent weekday.

This hair tie, it’s a symbol of American pride and it has a big meaning to me,” Trump said, referring to his own hairstyle.

It was a tie Trump has worn since he won the presidential election.

He wears it on the presidential stage as a sign of confidence and a symbol that he has control of the country.

Trump wore the tie for several years and it was an iconic part of his appearance.

It has a “cure-all” effect that keeps him comfortable in his own skin and helps him maintain control.

But in recent weeks, Trump has been making changes.

The tie, which he wore on the White, East and South Lawns of the White Tower on Monday, has become a flashpoint for critics.

In a tweet posted Monday, the Democratic National Committee said Trump should change the tie.

A week later, the Trump campaign said it had removed the tie and replaced it with a new one.

While the change was not a dramatic change, it came as Trump’s approval ratings have dropped.

He has not had a positive rating since the election.

His popularity with women has also fallen, as have his ratings with young voters, which have also dropped.

What did you think of this hair tie?

What does it mean to you?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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