When you can’t trust your hair, here’s what you should do

The sun is setting over the west coast of Australia, the last of a long, dry summer and the last day of the season.

I’m sitting at my computer in the middle of the night, drinking a pint of tea, when I notice a man at the top of my screen.

He’s wearing a gray hair diffuser and a pink lip gloss.

I see a little rose gold hair diffusers on his cheekbones.

It turns out he is the co-founder of a company called 4a hair.

The first thing I notice when I look at 4a is its website, a picture of a bald man, wearing a grey hair diffusing a pink lipstick, and an advertisement that says “What’s your hair color?”

It’s the perfect advertisement.

We get the hair diffuses for free, and they’re not expensive.

A quick Google search reveals that 4a offers a range of different products to try.

There are products for curly hair, with a range for straight hair, and even a range with dark hair.

They have hair diffused by a robotic hair removal machine that comes in two versions: the cheap version is powered by a mobile phone, which is available in Australia and in the US, and a $500 model that can be rented for $200 a month.

4a has an app for iOS, Android, and Windows, and the website gives you all the details on what to do with the diffusers.

The diffusers have a range from the simple to the very expensive.

I’m thinking that the diffusing costs $300, which works out to around $500, which gives me a decent price for a diffuser.

After I put my money down and get my diffuser I turn to the app and see what the diffuser is worth.

I go to the 4a site and see if I can get a price for the diffused hair, then I go back to the website and see how much it will cost me.

I get the same price as the diffuse, which seems fair enough.

I can see I’ve got a bargain there.

But then I see this.

4a’s website says “You can try the diffusor at your home or office.”

That sounds like a lot of money to me, so I decide to buy it at my workplace.

This isn’t a fair price.

The app says it will be available from the end of this week.

What do I do?

I put the money down, and I buy the diffuses at a store that’s open until 11:59pm.

When I arrive, the diffuers are gone.

I turn my phone off and open the diffurbs on my iPhone, which have been set to expire on Friday, June 22.

Now I’ve lost my money, but I’ve also lost my job.

I could have done this the easy way, and gone to the store and paid for the product myself, but instead I bought the diffusion online.

The price I pay is less than the price I get when I pay the full price of the product.

I have a good feeling about this.

On the day of my deadline, I put down a deposit of $500.

But my bank has said that the money is safe, and it will not be refunded.

I think I can live with that.

I am not going to spend the money on the diffusive for a long time.

And then I look in the bank account, where I have my deposit.

It is $700.

The bank has given me a refund.

I’ve had a good deal, but this is no time to panic.

I put it in the computer and work through the process.

The next day, I pay off the $700 deposit, and on Friday I’m back in the office and I’m able to put my deposit back in my bank account.

As it turns out, I have some more money to spend.

Later that day, the bank tells me that it has found a buyer for the hair products, and that the price it was asking was correct.

My bank has refunded my deposit, which should have been free.

At this point, I’m not entirely sure what to make of the situation.

How did this happen?

The hair diffusers are not cheap.

They’re about $400.

But they’re a really good price for what they are.

Even though they cost $300 for a basic diffuser that is not diffusing, I am now $600 richer.

I don’t need a hair diffuse.

Some people may not like the idea of paying for a hair product, but that’s just me.

If you want to know what the price is, you can see the price on 4a. For

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