Why are we so obsessed with ‘green hair’?

There is a growing awareness that our hair is increasingly a source of environmental damage.

As a result, scientists are exploring the effects of hair on the environment.

Hair is one of the most common substances in our environment and can also cause other pollutants, like dioxins, mercury, and lead.

But while these compounds can harm our health, they’re also present in our hair and can be passed from one person to another.

This study, published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, looked at the role of hair in the environment and found that a single hair cut can significantly impact on the amount of plastic in the oceans, air, and water.

It was the largest study ever done on hair’s impact on environmental issues.

Hair may have more than just environmental implications, but it’s also a part of the human body, which can have a major impact on our health.

The findings also provide some clues as to how to prevent hair from becoming a major source of pollution.

What is hair?

Hair is a hard, hard substance that’s produced from the scalp, and it is the most natural and easily washed away.

It’s one of nature’s most effective barriers against environmental pollutants, such as dioxin, mercury and lead, because it’s hard and resilient.

Hair has also been a source, in some cases, of environmental destruction.

For instance, in the United States, it’s estimated that there are more than half a billion pounds of hair lost each year in the U.S. through hair-related debris.

The most common forms of hair loss are baldness, which occurs when the hair on your head is cut off, and the natural androgenic hormone-disrupting chemical called testosterone, which is a growth hormone.

But these are not the only forms of loss.

Another common form of hair decline is called telogen (pronounced “toe-do”) hair, which results from the growth of abnormal cells called hair follicles.

Because the growth hormone disrupts the normal processes of hair follicle development, these follicles can be removed from the body.

But when hair loss happens with a hair cut, the hair loss is usually accompanied by the accumulation of other types of pollutants, including PCBs and dioxines.

These chemicals are known to harm our skin and eyes, cause birth defects, and are a major contributor to global warming.

As the oceans and air become increasingly polluted, the potential for pollution from hair is ever-growing.

In order to understand the potential environmental impacts of hair, the researchers analyzed samples from a variety of different species, including whales, fish, and sea lions.

They also looked at hair samples from wild animals, including bald eagles, sea lions, and sharks.

They used a technique called high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRSM), which is an in-depth analysis of large numbers of samples, such that you can actually see the chemical composition of each individual hair sample.

By analyzing hair samples taken from different species of animals, they were able to determine how much of each type of hair there was.

They then measured how much plastic and dyes were in each hair sample and how much was the amount that was associated with the hair strand.

The results showed that the amount associated with a strand of hair increased with the number of hair cuts performed.

When they compared these findings to other types the researchers looked at, the amount correlated with the amount found in the ocean and the air, suggesting that the concentration of these pollutants is much higher in the water than in the air.

The scientists then examined the effect that hair removal could have on the plastic and chemical pollution in the ecosystem, as well as on the effects on the ocean’s pH, salinity, and nutrient levels.

For example, a single cut of hair could lead to a drop in the pH of the water, which could affect the ocean as well.

When the researchers combined this information with other studies, they discovered that hair could also have an effect on the pH levels in the marine environment.

In the oceans where the majority of plastic is located, the pH is low because the organisms living there are living in a very acidic environment.

If a large number of individuals cut their hair, that could lead the pH to increase in the waters where plastic and other environmental pollutants are located.

This could in turn lead to changes in the quality of the ocean, and possibly even to the end of an ecosystem.

But in the coastal waters where most of the plastics are located, these effects are not as likely.

The researchers also found that hair had a negative effect on both the pH and the salinity of the coastal environment.

For each cut of adult human hair, they found that about 25 percent of the plastic was removed from marine life and the remainder was deposited on the seawater, with the average amount of that material increasing by about 100 times.

So it appears that the removal of hair may have a positive impact on both ocean quality

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